Thank you so much for caring about yourself, and allowing yourself to receive this energy.  Everyone that accepts this free gift is helping raise the energy of the planet.  The more the better. You will receive at least 30 minutes of free distance energy medicine in the next 24 hours.  Come back tomorrow for more.  Also remember that you can give this medicine to your pets and small children.  Older children can do the allowing themselves.  

How this energy manifests in everyone is individual and there are an infinite number of ways.  I am only a conduit for the energy, and am able to send it to you through my intention and actions.  The only energy sent is expansive and positive.  This energy, if you allow it in, will help you in your life journey where you need it most.  My intention is to send energy that will help you increase your vibration so that you can release limiting beliefs, toxic emotions, and any other blockage.  If you experience any changes in your emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, energetic self then it was all you.  You allow the energy in and allow it to do what it needs to do.  I don't do anything but give you a tool to help yourself.  You use this energetic tool yourself.  If you believe that the possibility exists that this will open you up to an improvement in every area of your life – relationships, work, finances, physical health, mental health, etc then it can happen for you.  If you believe that it will happen for you, then it will happen.  If you don't believe it will work, then you are subconsciously blocking it from working and it won't work.  Your decision.  Your life. 


To ensure that you allow the energy to work at it's optimal level please drink lots of water - stay hydrated, listen to what your body needs and get rest if you need to.  


Deepak Chopra is someone whom I have great respect.  He has written a book about the 7 spiritual laws of success.  In this book, the 2nd spiritual law is the Law of Giving, which states that “As long as you are giving, you will be receiving.”  Everything is about balance.  In order to ensure you are receiving you also need to be giving.   

While receiving this gift, please give to someone/something however you can.  It doesn't need to involve money, it could be a smile to a stranger.  Below you will find some suggestions for you, but please feel free to come up with your own, and complete it with positive intention. 


Anytime you intentionally, consciously, gratefully, and compassionately act or speak you are helping out all of humanity.  Please try to do this as much as you can.  It is an act of service to all of us here on this earth.  


If you feel that I have helped you in any way, and your gut is telling you to, then I would be very grateful to receive any amount of tip at all.  Just click the Donate Button on my website.  Thank you.  


Share this website and gift with everyone that you want to or can.  The more people that can increase their vibration, the better off this world will be!  


Show compassion and patience to yourself and others. Just become aware of your reactions to situations and see if there is room to elevate those responses.  If so, take small steps.  Awareness is the first one.

Spread Kindness

If you find yourself in a situation where someone is in need of a smile, please do so.  Sharing kindness this way can make a big difference to someone who needs it.

Help Someone

If you know that someone needs help with something such as mowing someones lawn, helping with groceries, holding the door for people.  The possibilities are endless.  It will also make you feel better too. 

Win.  Win.


Forgive yourself and others for mistakes you all have made.  Everyone has done their best from where they are on the scale and with the knowledge they have.  Forgiveness is so important to grow and move on.  

Donate to someone in need

If you know someone that could use some financial help, then imagine how good it would feel to be able to give that gift to someone!


Volunteer time at a non-profit, your child's school, community events, etc.  Extra hands are always welcome.  


Play with your friends and your children.  Play whenever you get the chance.  Play without thinking about what you have to do.  Be in the moment and just enjoy.


Do your own research about energy medicine, belief change, energy psychology, quantum physics, etc.  Anything that you don't know about, or want to know more about, so you can have more information.  

3 S's

Take time for yourself to practice the 3 S's.  Silence, Solitude, and Stillness.  People think that meditation is hard to do, and so don't do it.  Your mind will go off and think of things.  It happens to everyone.  Just bring it back.  


Have fun!  Do what is fun and enjoyable for yourself.  Laugh as much as you can.  Laughter really is the best medicine for everyone and every situation.  

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