I am a woman, daughter, sister, granddaughter, wife, mother, friend, colleague, and everything in between  


I am a Light Worker.  I have a young family and a full time job.  I have been studying energy and energy medicine for years, and absolutely love it.  I know that I will always study and learn these mysteries of the universe as long as I am able to, because I feel so filled up when I do.  I continue to come to deeper understandings of who we are and what we are capable of and this thing we call life, and am excited for more and more. 

Becoming a mother was life-changing for me in many ways, but most notable for here is that it gave me a burning desire for all children to live a life full of happiness and joy.  Since we are all affected by everything we experience I needed to acknowledge that none of us live in a vacuum.  In order to make a more substantial difference I needed to extend my intentions to a more substantial audience.  This is why I have started this website, and am promoting this free energy medicine to as many people as I can.  

I will take time out of my work and family life to give back in this way, a way that I know can make a difference if you allow it.  I know that my journey has already positively affected my family, and I can't wait to see where we are in 1 years time.  

Will you commit with me? Will you try and do what you can to achieve your happiness.


The greatest gift you can give someone is your time, your love, and your attention.





Over the years I have been honoured to learn and study many different energy medicine modalities, and have been able to read a lot of statistically significant, peer reviewed scientific research on what energy is and what we are all able to do as energetic beingsInstead of  re-writing the findings of some of these experiments, I have found a blog where there is a link to 10 very cool ones here .  I hope that you take some time to go through it and see if anything resonates with you.  The conclusion is that everyone has the ability to send high vibrational frequency energy  (or energy medicine) to any living creature on this planet from anywhere else on this planet.   

Every day for 1 year I will be intentionally taking time and send some high vibrational frequency energy to anyone that has clicked on the website for that day.  I will be sending this energy with the intention to release all limiting, lower frequency blockages, optimize your belief system, detox your emotions (releaese the charge), optimize your vibrational frequency, and optimize all aspects of your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and energetic self.


This energy can be received by you, your children, your animals, any living thing that wants it.  If you want your animals and children to receive it then please make sure that you intend for that person when you press the button.   

When I send this energy to those who allow it I am not ‘healing’ anyone, I am just contributing high vibrational energy to anyone who allows it.  When someone allows it, they are the ones that are controlling what the energy will do for them.  This energy is not medical intervention, and should not be taken as so.  This is to compliment anything else you are doing in your life to raise your vibration and heal yourself.


I know that everyone can send positive energy to anyone if they so choose.  I believe that we all can give back and make this world the world that we all desire.  One where we aren’t living in fear, but are living in love.  One where we are acting, speaking, and living our lives through our hearts instead of through our limiting beliefs and the emotions that are the result of those beliefs, such as fear, shame, and guilt.  

For those that want to explore other ways to help increase your capacity of happiness faster or instead of allowing me to send some energy medicine to you, then please click here for some tips.   


If you want to keep track of your progress over the months, then click here for the Subjective Happiness Scale, developed by Lyubomirsky, S., & Lepper, H.  It is a 4 question scale and it may be useful for you to keep track.  I wouldn't use this scale more than 1 time per month, but you make your own decisions. 

I am hoping that I am able to inspire people to set their own intentions to a path that brings them joy and peace and love and happiness. 



Be the change that you wish to see in the world

 - Mahatma Gandhi -


My wish is that all of us achieve our dreams of finding our happiness and feeling safe being who we are (not who we think we should be or who we were told we needed to be).  I want to play a role in this dream and contribute where I can for myself, my family, and any other person or animal that accepts this energy.  I also wanted to do what I could in a way that would allow the highest number of people to participate it if they so chose to.  By just asking for your attention and intention once daily for a couple of minutes, I think I have accomplished it. 


I am hoping that if you are here that you feel inspired to participate, and decide to make your happiness a priority.  I believe if you intend to achieve happiness, take action every day to make it happen, and allow it to happen, then it will eventually become your reality. 

I believe that we can all participate in creating the life of our dreams.  I don’t believe that life is a competition.  I believe that we thrive as a human race when we are living in compassion, love, and gratitude.  I believe that when we are living in those emotions, that we are able to achieve our hearts desires – the ability to do, have, and be what we want, whenever we want.   

Why will I be giving this away for free for 1 year?  Well, because I believe if you want to make a difference you need to go the distance.  I may end up doing this longer, it will all depend on the response from everyone.  Since doing this fills me up, it doesn't feel like work at all.  I love doing this, remember it is also helping raise up my vibration as well as that of those who I love with all my heart.     

Thank you for reading, and I wish you the best in life. 

You have got this!

You are worth it!



As a working mom I have responsibilities that may prevent me from checking this email as much as you would like.  I thank you in advance for your understanding and patience.  

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